Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Scratch Sheet Laminated?
A: No, the Scratch Sheet is not laminated. It is made with a special coating that allows dry erase markers to erase cleanly.

Q: Is the Scratch Sheet a whiteboard or a dry erase board?
A: The Scratch Sheet has all the features of a whiteboard or a dry erase board and more. It is the thinnest dry-erase, double sided white board on the market. Very portable, light, and easily fits in 3-ring binders.

Q: What kind of pens work with the Scratch Sheet?
A: Most dry erase pens or markers will work with the Scratch Sheet. When in doubt, test out on a small corner of your Scratch Sheet.

Q: How long will the Scratch Sheet last?
A: Our users have reported that the Scratch Sheet will retain its easy wipe ability for an entire school year or longer. It will depend on how heavily you use it, how long you leave writing on it, and how often you rinse your eraser top. Rinsing your eraser top with warm water ensures a clean erase and will help renew your Scratch Sheet.

Q: How to Care for your Scratch Sheet?
A: Couple of ways:
1) The Scratch Sheet is reusable. Try not to leave writing on it for more than 36 hours.
2) To continue erasing as cleanly as possible, wash the eraser cap on the Scratch Sheet pen. This way, the dry erase residue does not accumulate on the erase cap thus allowing for best erasing results.

Q: I have an idea for the Scratch Sheet. Can I submit it to you?
A: Definitely! Your feedback is very important to us (both positive and negative). Email or join the facebook group and post there. If we do end up using your idea we'll send you a pack of Scratch Sheets including the one you had an idea for!

Q: What can I use the Scratch Sheets for?
A: The Scratch Sheets have a variety of applications. Practice for exams like: SAT, DAT, OAT, MCAT, GMAT, LSAT, and GRE. In addition, the Scratch Sheet is a great substitute for non-reusable products such as Post-Its and scratch papers.  Scratch Sheets will reduce your home and office supply waste.