Our Story

The Scratch Sheet was created by Jaysond Miclat, a former pre-dental student at UC San Diego. While serving as a tutor in organic chemistry, Jaysond realized that he was using up plenty of paper practicing problems and writing quick reminders on his desk. By the end of his weekly sessions, about 25-35 pieces of paper were thrown away. He then thought about other students who consumed the same amount of paper in UC San Diego and figured that at 20,000 students enrolled in the University, each student will consume on average about 15 sheets of paper a week (sometimes more during exam week). That's 12 million sheets of paper thrown away in one year just at UC San Diego. Thus, in an effort to reduce his paper consumption, he purchased a whiteboard...

While using a whiteboard, he ran into a couple problems. First, whiteboards are incovenient to carry because of their thickness. It doesn't fit in a binder and just adds extra weight in the backpack. Second, they are pretty expensive, even for the personal size - 8.5" x 11" whiteboards.

Jaysond then thought, why not make paper similar to a whiteboard that can be used over and over again? So he tried laminating a piece of paper and quickly realized that it does not erase well, and expensive to produce. He eventually discovered that a special coating can be applied to paper that will allow any dry erase maker to write on and wipe off cleanly. This was the birth of the resusable paper - Scratch Sheet.
His vision is to use Scratch Sheet to reduce national and global paper waste by making this product available to as many people as possible. Please support and share our cause by liking us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/scratchsheet. We are convinced that the Scratch Sheet will not only contribute to a better environment, but also save money in the long run.

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